The Mission


I’ve always enjoyed making things, and I’ve always enjoyed working with people on those things.

Growing up, I would try everything. At least like artistically. I would sit there and everyday have some weird idea for a thing that I wanted to do. And I would attempt it as best a child could which was never very good.

Unfortunately, I never really grew out of this phase of always wanting to pursue something new, I’m still very short sighted.

At least this day I (luckily) have slightly more skill at the things I try then when I was a child because now I tend to bounce between a few different things every few months.

And that’s where the Myopic Vision idea came of. Not to hold anyone to any one goal with this project, but to spread their wings and try new things.

Currently I am the only member of this so we’re looking for more people! Hit me up if you want to find your artistic heart!

Current Focus

The current focus of Myopic Vision is on film, it’s really truly where my heart lies. Everytime I pursue something else, I find myself coming back to film, it’s just ingrained inside of me and I think that’s gonna be the Myopic Vision vision going forward.