Untitled Jami and Aaron Film (TBD)

Odd Jobs and Zebras (TBD)

The Snowbrain Plateau (TBD)

Teenagers Have Stupid Brains and Bad Priorities (TBD)

Technical Decision (TBD)

Reassessment (TBD)

Dance, Fucker (TBD)

Good Morning Sunshine! (Janurary 2021)

Portrait Of A Ring 2020 (2020)

When It Happens To You (2020)

Isaiah Silva Is A Dick (2020, Unreleased)

I’m Gonna Fucking Slit My Wrists in The Chocolate Factory (2020)

The Life and Death of Sarah Myers (2020)

Candlelight Death EP (2020)

The Pain on The Back of The Cat (2020)

The Prince & The World (2020)

….And Then The Eagles (2019)

Ring The Alarm Mr. Brightside (2019)

Solo Coma (2019)

Rainy Dayz EP (2018)