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OutKast – Stankonia


Is there a better duo then Andre 3000 and Big Boi? The way the two complement each other so well make each and every Outkast song its own little masterful world. And collaborations with members of the Dungeon Family serve to give the listener the impression that they really are living in OutKast’s world, even if we’re only let in for an hour at a time.

And from the opening track, the listener is invited to a brief visit to Stankonia, the funky erratic world that Dre and Big Boi seemingly reside in. And once we’re there, it feels like we never want to leave.

Gasoline Dreams means the album explodes into its intro, and then never lets up. So Fresh, So Clean and Ms. Jackson are the smooth classics, while Xplosive, Bombs Over Baghdad and Gangsta Shit remind us of the raw energy and anger Kast has at the world. Songs like ? and Toilet Tisha remind us that the duo are two of the greatest storytellers since Slick Rick.

The chemistry between the two masters on this record is at it’s true peak, with tracks like Spaghetti Junction showing how perfectly they can bounce off one another despite the growing stylistic differences.

Here OutKast moved even further left field after the experimentations in ATLiens and Aquemini. Unlike those records, there is almost a bit of a pop influence here. But where ATLiens had the feeling of young artists getting comfortable in their growing identiries and Aquemini features sprawling prog-rap set against a feeling of impending doom, Stankonia finds the duo completely in their pocket, pissed off and ready to take the world on.

An altogether perfect record with near infinite replay value.

Best Lyrics

“All of my heroes dealt dope! Every ***** playing married or paying child support, I can’t cope, never made no sense to me one day I hope it will” – Andre 3000, Gasoline Dreams

“Fuck wishing, you missing the ambition on your mission now you switching, why you quitting cause it’s heated in the kitchen?” -Big Boi, Humble Mumble

“Yeah they can bite but cannot be us, they can come and pick up little slang but cannot see us” -Andre 3000, Spaghetti Junction

Best Songs

Gasoline Dreams

Spaghetti Junction


Gangsta Shit

Humble Mumble

Stankonia (Stanklove)

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