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October 4th 2020 – Wayyyy Behind Schedule

I severely underestimated all the work I needed to get down.


I had this whole perfect breakdown and plan of what to do but underestimated the challenge of mixing the live action puppet footage with the animation. And because of that I have to do like a huge extensive storyboard to make sure every shot is perfectly thought out before just fucking it all up.


Which is gonna delay me by weeks. And everything was actually all good and on schedule. What a massive, gigantic bummer.

I’m now getting to that fun project stage where I want to give up and move on to other things but I know it’s a bad idea to play into that. So I’m gonna keep my head down and keep on grinding. Fuck.

Been playing around with some ideas about odd jobs and zebras that I think is gonna be like really cool. Should be good to start writing that around Christmas time I think? 


I just want this one to be the one.

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