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May 29th 2020 – The Fear of Stagnation

A terrible habit to have as a person is to get stressed about getting old, and I think most people have that. No one wants to get old, we all want to ‘grow up’ but not get old. Getting old would be horrible if I never acheive anything I want to before I’m physically unable to.

Which brings me to like my big stress I always have. Too often like I see way too many people around me who once like damn, they had dreams and shit. Like I would look up to them as an inspiration to be, that they had it all together, they had the spark and a wick as deep as the ocean.

But now, I look at them and I get stressed because they have all just given up. They accepted defeat really and don’t care anymore. Fuck that, that’s fucking terrifiying. That’s like when your favourite artist drops an absolute shitter of an album, you wonder why you would look up to them and if they were ever even good?

Idk, I just don’t want that to happen.

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