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May 28th 2020 – The Prequel to The New Start

I’m getting ready to start out a brand new project in the next day or two. It’s gonna be unlike anything I’ve ever done and I’ve never been more excited for something.

After finishing The Life and Death of Sarah Myers there was like a minute where I felt burnt out, that I wasn’t sure I had anything else in the pipeline and for a minute there I was thinking that maybe I should take a break.

But what’s the point of taking a break? Breaks just make me lazy, incoherent. They’re wasting time that I could spend doing literally anything else. And I’d rather be frustrated and stressed by something then relaxed.

It’s why I’ve never liked vacations, and not in some edgy douchey ‘oh my time is worth something’ dumbass sort of way. No it’s just that relaxing never relaxes me which is honestly a bad thing, it means that doing like fun and social things just gets on my nerves because I want to be working on something. Which is stupid and toxic, very stupid very toxic.

Whatever I don’t think I got enough sleep last night and got shit to do so I think that’s why I’m feeling this like weird frustration.

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