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Charly Bliss – Young Enough

Everything Charly Bliss has made absolutely floors me. I only started listening to them a few months ago after hearing the name so often for a few years, and like why the fuck did I wait so long?

The vibe I get from a lot of fans is that they didn’t like Young Enough as much as Guppy which is fair. Guppy was like fully that Weezer bubblegum grunge sound and I think that’s an addicting sound that not a lot of people can do right. Hell Weezer messes it up 90% of the time.

Young Enough went very much in a pop direction (Eva Hendricks talking extensively about how much of an influence Melodrama by Lorde was on the album) and if you’re not a huge fan of that, I can see why it would be a turn off.

But if Melodrama isn’t one of the best albums of all time, then I don’t know what is. So hearing that, after exclusively listening to Guppy for a month straight really got me excited. And Young Enough doesn’t disappoint in the slightest.

Every part of this record is perfect. I can say that wayyyyyyy too confidently.

The opener Blown to Bits (inspired by the accidental emergency nuclear warning in Hawaii) paints a picture of how the band is feeling in that moment. Compared to Guppy’s opener Percolator (which is also fantastic) it is a lot more straight forward, ruminating on the idea that it would be awful to see the world disappear from view in just one second like that.

The album’s centerpiece, the title track Young Enough, is set up beautifully by the interlude Fighting in The Dark. I’m a sucker for something like this, the short setup that brings us into something amazing. It’s the dark hallway you walk through before bursting onto stage. And when Young Enough bursts on stage, it explodes. An angsty, beautiful bitter take on love, it is Charly Bliss at their absolute best.

After this record, I am over the moon excited to see what this wonderful band does next and hope one day to see them in concert.

Favourite Songs

Blown To Bits


Young Enough

Hard to Believe

Favourite Lyrics

I don’t know what’s coming for me after 24.” –Blown to Bits

You were still just a kid, you’re a beautiful boy, crushing cigarettes to prove a point” –Young Enough

Spitting me out and I should say something nice? I’m fucking joy and I hemorrhage light” –Bleach

Eyes like a funeral, mouth like a bruise. Veins like a hallway, voice like a wound.” –Hurt Me

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