Daily Thoughts

A Lot Has Happened

JULY 26th 2020

Everytime I think I’m gonna get better at keeping myself updated, I get worse and worse. I’m not even promising myself that this time will be any better because I highly doubt myself.

I’ve shifted my gears again towards a different project, with the first draft of the script about halfway done. But I know it needs a ton of work, like just thinking about things that I messed up already. I just don’t think it’s a good idea to go back while I’m writing and try to repair things, I feel like that will make it more disjointed and harder to edit then it already will be.

This project should be fun though, it is going to be based around cults and Satan kinda, but also friendship. Haha. It sounds lame like that, but I swear it’s better then it sounds. This will be good I swear. I hope.

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